"Always stay sharp, in Focus!", Erik

Hi my name is Erik. I like to share my story  with you.

For me photography is all about capturing emotion. That’s why I fell in love with photography in the first place.

People and street life fascinate me. Most of my shoots are on location. In the background the roughness of the cityscape in contrast with the beauty of the people I photograph.

For me it’s importent you feel comfortable. That why I invest in building a relax feel to the shoot. My team and I know, this way you get the best version of you on the photos.

As many photographers I also started out photographing family and friends. Because I am always looking for a great camera angel I stood up the front deck of a boat someday. Needless to say, that shot washed away my photo ambitions. 


Of course, this adventure wasn’t the end of it, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this text. After a while I bought a new camera, lenses and lightning. I now shoots every week and when I am not busy making or retouching photo’s, I am polishing my skills through workshops and masterclasses form colleagues in the field.

Frank Doorhof, Jason Lanier, Piet Van den Eynde, Jeff Rojas, Lindsay Adler, Nick Rains and Derek Fashbender are photographers that inspire me.  

But really everything can potentially be inspiring. From the people that make conversation with me when I travels, to the places I visit and the art I see, a good conversation, movie or television series. I deeply believe you can be inspired and motivated by many things.  

Creating something with a team that didn’t existed before, sharing a passion, capturing emotions, creating art……

“Always stay sharp in Focus!”, Erik